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Hair extensions – with no damage!

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Beauty Works

Itip 50g pack

16″ 62 stands- £94.00-£153.99 (Depending on colour)

18″ 62 strands- £115.99-£167.99 (Depending on colour)

20″ 62 strands- £115.99-£173.99 (Depending on colour)

24″ 50 strands- £163.99-£188.99 (Depending on colour)


Copper – £7.99 – 100

Copper – £29.99 – 500

1 Pack of hair for thickness

2-3 Packs of hair for length and thickness


Secrets of Medusa 

Itip 20 strands pack 14”                      £35.00

Itip 20 strands pack 18”                      £55.00

Itip 20 strands pack 22”                      £80.00

Itip 20 Ombre strands pack 18”                      £52.00

Itip 20 Ombre strands pack 22”                      £72.00

1 – 3 Packs of hair for thickness

4-  6 Packs of hair for length and thickness

Micro ring hair extensions is the one of the newest application systems that is proving a hit with many celebs around the world. The tiny undetectable rings are applied to your hair.The hair extension is then clamped holding it to your normal hair. The method is harmless and has no glue, heat or chemicals.
The micro ring hair extensions last up to 3 months and then need to be repositioned and pushed up as your natural hair.  Its very simple to remove. You just push the ring open and it slides out.
Please come in the salon to have a look. Staff are currently wearing the micro ring hair extensions.Please call for price list and free consultation.

We have a strict 7 day cancellation policy. With a 50% charge of the booked appointment. Or a £50 cancellation fee. £50 deposit will be taken for all large appointments.