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Where To Get Quality Hair Extensions In Crowthorne

If you are wondering where to find quality hair extensions in Crowthorne to add more length to your hair, volume to fine or limp hair, or to simply change your hair style, then look no further than the expert team at the Kit Couture hair salon. .

Kit Couture offer hair extensions using the highly popular micro ring hair extension system. These small undetectable rings are clamped on to your hair in a shade to match or complement of your own hair. This method of applying hair extensions is harmless and does not damage your hair at all!  These hair extensions last up to 3 months with proper care. These hair extensions will give an amazing natural look to enhance your own hair.

If you are interested some of the staff at Kit Couture are currently wearing these hair extensions so if you would like to see what a difference they can make, pop into the salon and a staff member will be happy to demonstrate!
Kit Couture also specialise in other hairdressing services and beauty treatments ranging from tanning to facial treatments.

To find out more about Kit Couture visit their website at: or to book your free consultation call: 01344 752022

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Where to Find Sunbeds in Wokingham

If you are looking for sunbeds in Wokingham then you need to contact the team at the Kit Couture Hair and Beauty Salon in Crowthorne.  They offer the very highest quality sunbeds for their customers to use to add a little colour to their complexion in winter, or to prepare their skin for a holiday in the sun.  The use of sunbeds is also recognised by dermatologists to be helpful in treating skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis etc.

Kit Couture has an Ergoline Avantgarde 600 Pearl White lie down sunbed which is a top of the range model that offers an all over tan that when built up gradually, following their guidelines, will last for weeks and allow you to look like you have just returned from a holiday abroad.

Sunbed sessions at Kit Couture are available to all customers over 18 years of age and are very affordably priced starting at £1 per minute. When you first book a sunbed session at Kit Couture you will be required to undergo a consultation with which will allow their trained staff to identify your skin type and so ensure that you are advised of the appropriate tanning times to avoid over exposure and the risk of burning.

To book your sunbed at Kit Couture beauty salon  give them a call: 01344 752022

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Best Hairdressers in Wokingham

For many of us the pace of life is hectic and when you are juggling family life or a career with ‘me time’ then very often time to yourself takes a back seat, or just simply doesn’t happen.  If you feel that your pace of life is taking over then why not why not treat yourself to some relaxing and pampering ‘me time’ at the best hairdressing salon in Wokingham – Kit Couture.

Kit Couture was founded on the ethos that all hair is very much like fashion, it’s all about your personal style and therefore your hair style or colour should be created to suit your personality, your lifestyle and be bespoke to you. Whilst Kit Couture of course keep an eye on the latest hair fashions and trends, they do not send all their clients out of the salon with a version of the same trendy haircut that is currently flavour of the month, regardless of whether or not that hair style suits the client or their type of hair, like many of their competitors do. The team at Kit Couture are dedicated to creating a bespoke style for each of their customers that will enhance their features, suit their hair type, and be easy to manage to look fabulous day in day out.

Kit Couture offer a full range of salon services,  so whether you are looking for a smart corporate cut, a glamorous blow dry or sexy curls for a black tie do, hair extensions to create a new look, or a complete re-style and colour, visiting the hair salon of Kit Couture will leave you feeling revitalised and  beautiful once more.

To find out more visit their website at: or to book your appointment call them on:  01344 752022

Hair Extensions For Ladies In Crowthorne

If you are not happy with your current hair style, or perhaps you hair is naturally limp and lacking volume, then why not consider having hair extensions professionally added to your hair to help you create a new style or to add volume and/or length?

For ladies living in or near Crowthorne that are interested in the addition of hair extensions, there is only one hair salon to call for the very best in hair extensions and this at is the expert team at Kit Couture.

Kit Couture offer hair extensions using the technique of Micro rings which means that no glues or harmful heat applications or chemical processes or will be used in applying natural looking hair extensions to your own hair. Micro ring hair extensions are small plastic rings that are connected to a hair weft made from human hair that closely matches the shade of your own hair. These rings are clamped onto your own hair and then pulled up against the scalp with special pliers that are used to fix the micro ring hair extension into place.  These hair extensions will give an amazing natural look to enhance your own hair.

To find out more micro ring hair extensions from Kit Couture visit their website at: or to book your free consultation call: 01344 752022

Where To Find The Best Beauty Salon Near Wokingham

If you are wondering where to find the best beauty salon in Wokingham then the simple answer is to contact the team at Kit Couture who are the number one beauty and hairdressing salon in Crowthorne ear Wokingham.

Kit Couture are dedicated to making lades feel wonderful from the moment they enter the salon door to the moment that they leave feeling revitalised and glamorous. They offer top quality beauty treatments using well-known brands of beauty products that will make you feel like a million dollars and ready to face the world again, a lovely treat particularly after facing the stress of the recent Festive Season.  Kit Couture use beauty products from well know beauty houses such as Dermalogica and Shellac and they can be relied upon to provide the fines quality treatments that will show real results on your skin or nails.

The Kit Couture beauty salon offers beauty treatments for ladies of all ages including pedicures, manicures, massages, facial treatments, waxing, eyebrow and eyelash tinting and even permanent eyelash extensions for those ladies looking for a glamorous way to accentuate the beauty of their eyes.

To find out more about the best beauty salon near Wokingham,  visit the website Kit couture at: or call: 01344 752022


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Where To Find Affordable Hairdressing In Crowthorne

If you live in Crowthorne and are looking for affordable hairdressing that is carried out by top quality hairdressers, then you need to visit the salon Kit Couture.
Kit Couture offer a full range for hairdressing services ranging from a cut and blow dry to colouring, a restyle if you are looking for a new look, hi lights, the very popular Brazilian blow dry and even micro ring hair extensions if out are yearning for more volume and longer locks.
When you step inside the salon of Kit Couture you will immediately feel fully relaxed and ready to be pampered by one of their highly experienced team of hairdressers who are dedicated to ensuring that all their valued clients leave their hair salon feeling and looking their very best.

Your chosen hairdresser will discuss your choice of style and offer professional advice on hair care and styling to help you look after your new look in between appointments. After all they want you to be able to maintain your new hair style easily at home so that when your friends and family comment on how fabulous your hair is looking you will recommend them to Kit Couture.
To find out more about affordable high quality hairdressing from Kit Couture of Crowthorne visit their website at: or to book an appointment call: 01344 752022
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