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Sunbeds in Crowthorne

Are you feeling a little pale and pallid at the moment due to lack of sun? Are you off on holiday in the New Year and want to step onto the beach with some colour to your skin as opposed to looking lily white?  Well if so then you need to book a course of sunbeds at Kit Couture Hair and Beauty Salon in Crowthorne.

Kit Couture offers their valued clients sunbed tanning with their top of the range sunbed the Ergoline Avantgarde 600 Pearl White. This is a lie down sunbed which will give you the perfect all over tan as you lie there and dream of being on a hot beach somewhere exotic!

Kit Couture recommends that you leave 48 hours between sunbed sessions as your tan will last longer and look far better if gained gradually although you will more than likely see results in a change of colour of your skin within 24 hours of using the sunbed.  Sunbeds are only to be used by those over 18 years of age and the staff at Kit Couture will ask for proof of ID if your age is in question when booking your sunbeds tanning session. In addition,  they will provide a free of charge skin consultation session to identify your skin type to ensure that sunbed tanning is safe for you and to agree the correct tanning time before you begin your tanning session.

Kit Couture offer sunbed tanning at very reasonable prices starting from £1 a minute or if you book an unlimited use 28 day course you will pay only £45 which is great value for money!

To find out Kit Couture beauty salon  and sunbeds,  visit their website at: or call: 01344 752022

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