Where to Find Sunbeds in Wokingham

If you are looking for sunbeds in Wokingham then you need to contact the team at the Kit Couture Hair and Beauty Salon in Crowthorne.  They offer the very highest quality sunbeds for their customers to use to add a little colour to their complexion in winter, or to prepare their skin for a holiday in the sun.  The use of sunbeds is also recognised by dermatologists to be helpful in treating skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis etc.

Kit Couture has an Ergoline Avantgarde 600 Pearl White lie down sunbed which is a top of the range model that offers an all over tan that when built up gradually, following their guidelines, will last for weeks and allow you to look like you have just returned from a holiday abroad.

Sunbed sessions at Kit Couture are available to all customers over 18 years of age and are very affordably priced starting at £1 per minute. When you first book a sunbed session at Kit Couture you will be required to undergo a consultation with which will allow their trained staff to identify your skin type and so ensure that you are advised of the appropriate tanning times to avoid over exposure and the risk of burning.

To book your sunbed at Kit Couture beauty salon  give them a call: 01344 752022

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