The Brazilian lasts up to 6 months 

You must a have a skin test and fill out a form

We don’t have to wear gloves. It’s a very safe Brazilian

The shampoo must be Sulphate and Paraben free if you want it to hold in and last longer.

You get the insulator product included in the price of the Brazilian.

Brazilians can take from 1hr 45mins – 3 hours

Our Brazilian is for all hair types including; Blonde, Coloured, Virgin and Afro.

All our stylist have the same level of experience we all have our different expertise. Booking a consultation for anything is always a good idea for you to feel more comfortable.

Opening hours?
We are open 6 days but varied hours to work around our clients. Please ring if it’s very early or late if you’re popping in.


We have a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. With a 50% charge of the booked appointment.