Anti-wrinkle Injections

Botulinum anti-wrinkle injections 

 NHS Pharmacist and aesthetic practitioner

 Certified & Insured

 Contact: EnhancedImage, 01344 752022

*Introductory offers*

💉 area £90*
💉💉 areas £140*
💉💉💉 areas £180*

Full dose of anti wrinkle injection given in 1 appointment. Full dose gives a natural anti-aging result with reduced fine lines.

For the ‘frozen” look, or clients with deep or extensive lines, men, or clients with larger facial muscles may wish to opt for double dose spread across 2 appointments (overall receiving double dose anti wrinkle treatment).

💉 area £140*
💉💉 areas £190**
💉💉💉 areas £240**


*inclusive of £60 deposit required on appointment booking

**inclusive of £100 deposit on appointment booking.

1 treatment area= crows feet/ forehead/ between brows

All appointments are with a certified & insured pharmacist aesthetic practitioner, anti wrinkle injector specialist. Anti-wrinkle injections contain recommended quantity of #botulinumtoxin for the area(s) injected. Brand used is Bocouture comparable to the BOTOX brand.

If you’re unsure of how much anti-wrinkle treatment and/or where. You can be advised this on the day of appointment or book a FREE 5 MINUTE consultation with your anti wrinkle injector specialist.